We Just Picked Up Our New Min Pin Puppy Saturday, How Long Does It Take For A New Puppy To Adjust?


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Sounds like you have a great addition to your household!  It can take puppies several weeks to adjust to a new home and a new routine.  It is a big stress for them to leave their mother, littermates, and then drive or fly to a new household.  One of the joys of owning a dog is to watch their personality develop just like with kids!
It is a good sign that your puppy is playing and sleeping well.  Puppies often play hard then sleep hard--so his behavior in this respect is normal.  Puppies, especially the small ones--like 2 lbs, need to be fed 4-5 small, frequent meals after being weaned.  Your puppy's stomach is very, very small--smaller than a golf ball--so it may appear that he is not eating very much but his stomach cannot hold more than a few kibbles at a time.  Start weighing him weekly to monitor his weight gain.  As long as he is eating, gaining weight and maintaining a good body condition I would not worry about him.  To get an accurate weight you may need to stop by your veterinarian--they will have a small baby scale.
To assess his body condition-you should be able to feel his ribs easily but not see them-except for the last 1-2 at the end of his rib cage.  His should have an hour-glass appearance looking at him from above and a tummy tuck when looking at him from the side.  His spine and hip bones should be easily felt but not jutting. 
He's very cute!
Ann Falk, DVM
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It can take them very little time, or several weeks, as they learn what your home is like, if it's a quit home, (not deafeningly quiet), then they can adjust within days. Especially if you play with him, and teach him at the same time. I hope he isn't neurotic as P put it, and is just a bundle of nerves. Try a different type of food for him, and try another if you have to, to find out what he likes, and will tolerate. I love the name you chose, sounds regal.
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Hello, my sis has always been into mini and maxi and weird ugly dogs, she had miniature dobies for awhile. In her home they never adjust. Every dog she has ever had, except the Shar pei has been neurotic. She now does Chinese Crested [the all time regular winners of the ugliest dog category in the shows.] I myself just love dogs and find that they adjust in my home, depending on the breed, within a week to 2 weeks, but I am basically a mellow person with kids and animals, and they take on my mellowness in due time. I use pack psychology. They must see you as the 'alpha' in their pack. When I brought my now 11 yr. Old terrier home, freshly weaned, we pulled the mattress out on the floor and Me, my son, and Spunky slept on the big mattress on the living room floor so he would not be lonely and cry all night. Once he had accepted his new family or pack, we were able to establish routines. He did this within 2 days, so we were lucky. Good luck, God Bless and enjoy the little lovey!..*p
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Just wanted to say thanks for all your answers. The new addition is doing great and is adjusting very good to his new home and is eating! Love him like he's been with us forever.
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I have an olde English bulldogge pup 4 and a half months afraid of everythinggggg, kinda makes me nervous because I also have a 3 and a half year old and the potential of fear biting makes me very nervous! Any suggestions?

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