My Dog's Face Is Swollen, Lips, Around Eyes, Any Ideas?


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These symptoms sound like it could be an allergic reaction or the result of your pet being stung. On the other hand, facial swelling in dogs may also point to more serious complaints such as an infection or even cancer. As a dog’s face can swell in different parts and in different ways, this could point to a whole other set of possible complaints. If you are concerned at all, take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

On closer inspection, if there also evidence of a wound around the area of the swelling, this could suggest your dog has some form of infection. This may also feel warm to the touch and your dog may be in a lot of pain.

If the dog has been stung by an insect, the face can become swollen as a result. This may be a more common occurrence during times of warmer weather such as during the summer months. The type and location of swelling will depend on the type of insect that has bitten or stung the dog. It will probably be itchy and uncomfortable for your pet however it is not usually very painful.

The location of the swelling may cause some concern for many dog owners. If the neck is swollen, this could make it difficult for the dog to breathe. The skin may also become very painful on the face.

Depending on the type of reaction, the vet will be able to advise owners accordingly on the best course of action. This may simply include giving the dog some drugs to reduce the swelling and kill the infection. If you have any reason to be concerned, for example if there are dangerous snakes or spiders in your local area, make sure you get the dog assessed and treated urgently without any delay!
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Yes my Basset was SUPER swollen and he had a absest limpnote.If your dog has that DONT give them Benadril,it makes it worse
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That's right..This happened to both of my pits just last week and my husband realized there were ants that got into there food. I bought benedryl and gave it to them and they were fine. One is still getting better but other is 100%. Depending on weight and size of dog, if under 10 lbs give approximately 10 mg, 10 to 40 lbs give about 20mg, above 40lbs give 25 to 30 mg. Hope this helps...
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This is an allergic reaction. It is possible this is due to a snake bite depending upon the area you live in and the exposure history. More commonly we see this reaction from insect bites--bees, spiders, etc. Regardless your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian. If he progresses to respiratory difficulty this is potentially life threatening anaphylactic shock.
The best treatment is injectable Benadryl and injectable steroids, and if needed shock therapy. This will be followed up with oral medications as well.
Poisonous snake bites can be fatal so if this is a possibility seek veterinary medical attention immediately. Treatment is similar to treatment of shock and may include anti-venom.
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The dog could have been bitten by some insect or spider. Do you know if the dog has any allergies? Lots of dog breeds are allergic to grass but only break out once in a while? Just really depends. Give the dog a half of a benedryl. It should go away, if not you know it's not an allergy.
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I have a labrador / pitbull mix. I got him from the flea market, he is only 12 weeks old now. I put him outside to go potty, then I heard him yelp. I ran to the door and saw that he had very big lips or as people say chops. I didnt notice them right away. But they are huge..I lift his head up and see that his lips are like about 3 inches from his tiny teeth. Can you help me? Or maybe suggest some ideas that may help this problem? ThankYou for reading.
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Sounds like an allergic reaction of some sort. Maybe she bit a bee, my dogs do that all the time. The act that you say it is only on the left side would lead me to believe that it is not a systemic allergy but a localized one. Keep an eye out for any other swellings and if this does not improve I would bring her to a vet to have her checked out, but it sounds to me like she got into something she shouldn't. Could of been a bee or other insect bite or I had a dog years ago that got into my father's yellow rose of Texas cactus and she was swollen for a long time since the cactus had large visible barbs and small invisible ones that will bother you for days.
Good luck.
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If her breathing gets shallow get her to a vet immediately. She could have gotten into anything that she is allergic to or the company may have changed the recipe slightly. Observe her through the night, wash her face with a cool wash cloth and if it's not better tomorrow take her to a vet.
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I had something like what you describe and it was due to my dog digging around a plant that I had recently fertilized. I'm assuming your dog is having an allergic reaction to her food, but I just thought it prudent to mention this.
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Facial swelling is a common sign of an allergic reaction.  This can occur in response to drugs, food, insect bites.  Another cause may be infection or swelling from trauma.  A vet can investigate the problem and help reduce the swelling.  Some allergic reactions can involve the throat as well.  This can be very serious and if your dog is showing any signs of breathing difficulty you should seek immediate veterinary attention.
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It sounds like a snake bite. It may be other things but I have seen lots of snake bites on a dog and that is what it sounds like to me. I would call the vet and also look for a wound like a bite. If you find one you will need to tell the vet about it or go ahead and take the dog in right away.
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If it were my dog... I would think that there is an allergy to something.. If its on the face it sounds like grass. I would take your dog to the vet to get some help.. That's what I would do. If there is something that your dog puts his/her face in try taking it away for a couple days and see what happens. Hopefully that helps!
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Maybe she ate more than last time and she is allergic to the product but didnt have enough of the product to affect her last time.
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My dogs face is swollen like his lips and around his eyes and I don't know whats wrong
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This just happened to my girlfriends puppy. She is taking it to the vet now, I agree tho it sounds like an allergy or bee sting. Best of luck
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Sounds like first if she is under 40 pounds id give her one half tablet of human benedryl, then take her and her food to the vet immediately. She could have been stung and having anaphylactic shock which can kill quickly.

Go to the vet now

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