What Is The Rusty Color Around Eyes, Paws Face Of My Bichon?


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The color around her eyes is staining of the fur from ocular discharge.  This discharge is common in the smaller breed dogs like Shih Tzus, Malteses, and Bichons.  Green or yellow discharge is abnormal.  These dogs can be prone to KCS (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) or dry eye.  This decrease in tear production can lead to excessive debris or discharge.  Your veterinarian can diagnose this with a Schirmer Tear Test to measure tear production.  Your veterinarian will also make sure the cornea (outer surface of the eye) is still intact and does not have an ulcer or scratch.

The change in color on her paws are most likely due to saliva staining from chronic licking.  When dogs lick multiple paws it is most commonly a sign of allergies (environmental, food, or flea) or a behavioral issue like obsessive compulsive disorder.  Have your dog examined by a veterinarian who will help you form a plan for either disease.
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Dabar,  My white poodle is often mistaken for a Bishon. Her groomer says she must have Bishon somewhere in her bloodline.  I keep her trimmed like a Bishon, she just has a shorter tail.   She too has stains around her eyes and on her paws.  I weekly clean around her eyes with a cotton ball soaked in peroxide.  That keeps her face clean and the stains lightened. I'm very careful to keep the peroxide out of her eyes.

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