Can I Bathe A Pet Rat?


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It's not only good for their health, it's good for the smell they carry. It's not that bad of an odor, but it can be if you don't bathe them once a month. Some rats even like water. Mine did. He'd swim like all get out!!!
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Yes here are reasons why:
Cleans them
get rid of oder
good for health
Try not to squeeze them to much though.
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Yes , one of my real good friends bathes her rat bailey.. It gives him a refreshing look smell everything
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Yes you can definitely bathe a pet rat. In fact it is important for its health. Here is a link to a website that offers step by step instructions to bathe your pet rat.
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When I bathed my rat my rat freaked out and gave me a cut on my hand. Why did he do that?
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courtney winters
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He probably did it because he may be like most cats scared of water
Linda Jean Bowen
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i just had a rat giving to me last and she has fleas what can i use on her or give her i really want to help her get read of them
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You can bathe a pet rat but, honestly I wouldnt it causes them lots of stress and its not really necessary. Most rats do not like baths!!!! So if I were you I would buy special wipe you can get to clean them
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For the question above:
He probably was a bit scared.

For the actual question:
Its good the the rats health. If your going to give them a bath, make sure its warm water. If its too cold, they can get sick and die.

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