My Rat Has Fleas I Think And Dont Know What To Do About It. So Waht Do I Do?


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You should take your rat to your local exotics vet and he should be able to give you some medication to get rid of the fleas.

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Fleas are practiacally impossible to get rid of. They multiply fast and get on carpets, pets, and even people. When my rats got fleas I bathed them all with a flea ridding shampoo, it helped a bit, after I gave them a bath every week for like 3 weeks and the fleas stayed off. Try combing its fur very often. Its a rat so it should clean it self. Oh, and be careful if you use the garlic stuff, it could sting the scratches and hurt her eyes. Its not the safest thing if you don't know how to properly bathe her. Good Luck! :)
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As a pest expert, I completely agree with you. Fleas are some of the hardest pests to eradicate. You need to treat your pets and environment simultaneously and do so aggressively (without harming your pet, naturally).
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You should also take care of yourself then because house rats and their fleas usually cause Epidemics of plague in individuals. To get rid of its fleas you should wash your rat gently with puppy or kitten formula shampoo. Not only rat but also scrub its cage wit with warm water. Put flea powder around cage but not in the cage.

Don't use those flea drops on your rat, which people normally use for their dogs and cats. Instead make a solution of garlic and water. Its few drops will also help to remove fleas from your rat.

Give flea bath to all other animals in your house to get rid of fleas completely. A small number of drops of garlic solution in their water supply will also help removing fleas.

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