How Do Cold Blooded Animals Keep Warm In The Cold?


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Cold blooded animals as the name suggests maintain lower body temperatures. Thus, during winters they adopt a process called 'hibernation' to combat the winter cold. This is an inactive state. During this state, the temperatures of the body of the hibernating animal are very low. They have slow breathing and reduced metabolic rates. All these processes conserve their energy and they keep their body temperatures near to their normal temperatures. Sometimes there are short periods when these animals experience increase in their temperatures to normal. Such low body temperatures and low metabolism rate help these animals to use their body fat as energy which is obtained at a very slow rate.

These animals eat heavily before hibernating. This energy is stored in the form of fats which provide energy during winter when food availability is less. The body too cannot afford to lose energy to find food. Some of these animals hibernate while their young ones are still to be born. The frogs hibernate by burying themselves underground. Birds which belong to the cold-blooded class do not hibernate. They use topor which is a type of hibernation for one day or few hours.

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