Where Can I Get A Pet Duck?


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Ducks are domesticated animals which can also take the place of well-loved pets like cats and dogs. Having a pet duck may sound unusual but it’s undeniably enjoyable having one around. If you’re interested in having a pet duck, you can get one at a farm or pet store.

Pets add color to our daily lives. Having these animals around as a part of the family has many benefits. Pets can help you in more ways than one. For instance, they can help relieve stress. Animals possess positive energy which can rub in on you if you hug, cuddle, or just play with your pet.

Caring for pets is also entertaining. You find something useful to do with your free time. For instance, you can feed your ducks and in return they give you eggs. Time also flies when you’re in the company of your pets and having a grand time together.

Pets can be bought just about anywhere. Ducks for instance can be purchased in pet stores. However, you should let the owner know beforehand that you’re interested in buying one since they’re often not kept in stores like birds, cats, dogs, and fish.

In case you don’t find one in stores, you can check out the nearest farm in your area that raises ducks. For sure, you can buy a duck from them and at a cheaper price too. In some places where there’s a farm show, you can get a duck by buying or by winning in a particular game.

Ducks are lovable pets that don’t require high maintenance. You can give them feeds or pellets, kitchen refuse, corn, and others. You can put them in a fenced area with ample water supply and shade. However, they need a place where they can swim like a small pond.
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If you can find a local farm or hatchery that has some, that is always an option. Although it is an increasingly rare solution.

By far the best way to get a pet duck is to order some ducklings on line. Recent shipping innovations allow the little birds to be safely transported across the country very quickly.

The best sites I've found are and also

EFowl has great customer service, competitive pricing, and doesn't have a minimum order quantiity.

McMurray has a wide range of products beyond just ducks, and is great for larger orders of 15+ birds.
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Pet ducks can be brought from any farms or even through websites. Buying online is a very easy option as it will be delivered straight to your home. The best sites for this are eBay .com, and also Apart from these sites they would be available all over the town markets.

Considering ducks as pet needs a pond like habitat where they would be able to swim and also find food for themselves. The mallard duck specie feed solely on herbs and insects. Ducks are generally omnivorous and also consume fish to some extent. It is a very interesting fact that their behavioral pattern changes during the breeding season. The pet ducks require clean water for swimming and it is also necessary when they are feeding. The fresh water helps to remove the dirt which gets stored on their beaks while they have food.
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Ducks do not make good 'pets'.
If you want to 'keep' some ducks in the garden then that's another matter.
You can't toilet-train them so ducks will cover your house with poo - on the carpets, on the furnishings, on your clothes, everywhere.
Ducks also crave company so unless you are house-bound your duck will probably be quite lonely.
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You can get a pet duck at any farm. Some places to buy a duck on long island is the Crescent Duck Farm. They have great ducks!! I love them
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I need 200 big ducks
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How about How about a live stock feed store, especially around Easter time.How about a farm supply store? The owners of the store would certainly know too.

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