Where Can I Get A Pet Monkey?


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Are you sure you want a monkey? I have heard terrible things about them as pets...
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There are numerous websites that have all kinds of exotic animals which are on discount. Before you buy one you must see the local and state laws regarding pets. You might or might not require a permit to have them as a pet.
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US pet monkey trade is an amazing website from where you can have a large variety of monkeys to choose from. Here is the link, have a look:
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Many websites offer a variety of monkeys. But make sure you can own a monkey where you live. What I mean is that some places ban the ownership of monkeys. Monkeys are quite a handful! Make sure you can properly offer the perfect amount of water, food, space, warmth, shade and most importantly love. Without these things (and more!) Monkeys will not be able to survive.
Hope this helped!
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Obviously you are not educated enough to own a monkey quite yet. Researching is not hard! Google an ideal breed of monkey you wish to keep as your pet and study up! Also, make sure there is no laws conflicting with your wish. Some places ban the ownership of monkeys.

Some ideal monkey breeds to keep as pets:

1) Spider Monkeys
2) Capuchin Monkeys
3) Marmoset Monkeys ie (pygmy, common, silvery, geoffroy, etc.)
4)Squirrel Monkeys

I hope this all helps! And good luck finding your companion!

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