My Cat Won't Eat Just Drinks, He's All Bones Now, What Should I Do?


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Just got a 6 year old cat from a rescue home, she was in there for 4 months and had no problems, since we got her home (4 days ago) she is not eating she seems ok still giving loves and purring away has anyone got any ideas or is this normal as she is just settling in, also how long can she go without food before I take her to the vets.
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Loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing and weight loss are very serious symptoms if they also accompany fever and swelling in the lymph nodes. Then your cat might have caught Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). But I hope its not the case with your cat. The reason behind her illness might be a respiratory infection. You don't have money to take her to a vet, but I think she needs one for proper diagnosis and medication. In the meanwhile, you can take care of her food and stuff in a better way. Don't give her canned food containing dyes. I hope she gets well soon.
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Try taking him/her to the vet, this is a serious symptom of FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). It may also just be the common cold and your cat just lost his/her appetite because of it. But take your cat to the vet just in case hope it doesn't come to FIV it's very sad and painful for cat's, my cousin had a cat who had FIV and she would meow in pain and you just felt sorry for her. But hopefully it never will come down to it.
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Might have kidney failure or possibly diabetes-both cause thirst++ in cats. Sounds like a trip to the vet is in order
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Depending on how old your cat is, it may be kidney failure. The Vet will ask if you want to give your cat subcutaneous water injections which is a choice you will have to make.

Try mixing a small amount of cat food with water so it has a consistency of stew and see if your cat will eat that. It should be more liquid than solid.

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