My Cat Didn't Eat Or Drink Water For The Past Two Days. Could This Be Sings Of Serious Illness ?


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Watch your kitty. If your cat has not peed or pooped in 2 or more days your kitty could be stopped up. This is pretty common with cats. You just need to take your kitty into your vet so they can express its bladder or bowel. If not your cat could get into so much pain, it would really hurt your kitty.
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Unable to urinate would mean a blocked urethra, and this is dangerous . Mainly happens in overweight males, neutered or not. Gastric block is unable to deficate. Meaning your cat could have eaten a foreign object and will have to be more than likely surgically removed. Expressing the bladder is not a cure, and if the urethra is blocked, it is not an option. If eating and drinking stops, there will be no urinating/defecating. So being blocked in one way or another is ruled out. Your cat could have a serious medical condition that could be an emergency, so do take your cat to a veterinarian as soon as possible.
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Yes it is a sign something is wrong. You are saying that it didn't eat, as in it is eating now. I'm not clear with your situation. Diagnosis cannot be made on the web-site. I'm sure you're not searching for an accurate answer, just advice. Lets say your cat is eating now. Is this strictly indoors? If not, it could be eating outdoors at the neighbors maybe? The cat may have eaten something that made him or her feel ill for a day or so. (highly unlikely, unless a low toxic plant or other source) It could also be parasites. The bottom line is, take your cat the to vet if this is still a problem. It could be a number of things, some could be life threatening. I wish you luck and hope your kitty is not sick!
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My cat was outside (2 hours) on Saturday and it was extremely hot. She came out from under the porch and was limping/walking funny as well as panting would not drink or eat. Came in the house (around 4PM) and wanted to be let alone. Though she had been affected by the heat or bitten by something so two hours after she came in we took her to a vet. Took her temp, which was normal and gave her a shot of benadryl in case she was bitten by something and was having a reaction.

The next morning she was no better and still not eating or drinking. We took her back to our friend who is a vet and he gave her approximately 500cc of IV subcutaneous for dehydration, forced an orange liquid/paste (like Metamucil/fiber for bowels movements) down her (by syringe) said it was to get her bowels moving, and took x-rays which showed nothing more then she had a lot of ooh inside of her, temp was 102.6.

Today (about 19 hrs since IV and being fed the liquid paste) she is still the same. Has urinated at approximately 7:30 and 11:30 PM last night and threw up a partial hairball and a little bit of yellow liquid. What is wrong with her? She is and inside cat but does go outside when it is not cold for about an hour or two daily.

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