My 5 Year Old Cat Has Become Listless. He Eats And Drinks But Sleeps All The Time.The Vet Gave Him Antibiotics Last Night But He Remains The Same. Should I Have Lab Work Done?


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Unless he gets noticeably worse, wait a day or 2 so that the antibiotics start to work.  If not, he should probably have lab work done.  I think the day lily would have made him ill sooner than this, unless it's something progressive, having to do with the plant. I hope kitty is back to his old self, soon.  Good luck.
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Day lilies cause kidney failure in cats.  Have your cat seen immediately so bloodwork can be run to assess kidney function.  The best prognosis is with fluid therapy started within 18-24 hours.
There are many other causes for lethargy in cats especially outdoor cats.  Your veterinarian will do a thorough examination and run initial screening bloodwork to rule out some of the many causes of lethargy. 
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As he is running an infection he would be expected to be listless as would any human being in the same boat. Antibiotics take time to work and a theraputic dosage has to be built up within the blood. So give it at least a week. If after the course has been finished there is no change then take him back. The organism causing the infection may be resistant to the antibiotic and a different one needed. His body will be tired fighting the infection and he will become dehydrated easier. So always make sure he has access to fresh water or milk. :)

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