My Kitten Won't Drink Water . What Do I Do?


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My kitten is going through the sme I would suggest you give her a choice of kitten milk or water let her smell them to decide wich one she wants, if that doesnt woek try her with baby milk, or you could hive her porridge but make it with water and then she will get the drink out of that.
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How old is the kitten? Are you bottle feeding it? You can buy pedia-lyte or generic from walmart, in the baby section. And give it that with a feeding bottle from the animal section(about a buck for that) that will keep it from getting dehydrated. If it don't drink that. Take it to a vet. I make my kitty formula with clear pedialyte, instead of water, and the powdered milk replacement, I hope this helps you and good luck. I am a true cat lover.
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If this has been going on for a while you need to take your kitten to the vet before it gets too dehydrated.

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