My 5month Chihuahua Puppy Shakes Alot, She Is Not Eating Or Drinking Water, She Has Wet Nose And Bubbles Came Out Of Nose What Is It?


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Honestly I am not sure! My puppy whom was just 7 1/2 weeks old, quit eating and drinking too and was shaking a lot and we took her to the doctor and she ended up having 3 types of worms, and a bacterial infection in her intestines! She came from a bad place I am guessing! But it was easily treated and If I were you I would take her to the doctor asap because dogs can not survive to long with out water! And it's just like what my mother in law said to me, "would you let your infant go without drinking or eating?" In my case, NO! Hope this helped you a little!
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Take her to the vet. I had a 5 month old puppy that did that and he died of parvo. My advice is take her to the vet asap.

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