My Puppy Has Milk Coming Out Of Its Nose, Why?


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Is this just one puppy you are talking about, or several in a litter? Have the pups been checked over by a vet since they were born?  Are you bottle feeding the pup/s?  Milk coming out the nose in bottle-fed pups can be a sign of over-feeding.
If the pup is thriving, feeding well and putting on weight, he/she is probably ok, but it might pay to get a vet to check puppy over to make sure it's nothing more.  Occasionally pups are born with a very soft palate or a palate that is not fully formed (like a human cleft-palate), which makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to feed properly without inhaling milk into the lungs, making puppy cough and sneeze, and have milk come back through the nose.
Best get a vets opinion, just to have peace of mind that all is going well.
Enjoy your pup/s!!
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I have a english bulldog puppy she is only a couple of days old and had milk coming out of her nose and her breathing is slightly heavy..what can I do about this?
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This is simply over feeding. Yes it is an alarming situation because this way your puppy can get milk in its windpipe, which can cause immediate death. Be careful next time and if such situation arises again then hold it in your palms and try to straighten its head and backbone with your fingers so that all the milk can come out of its mouth and nose to clear up the windpipe.
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If the puppy is a new puppy ie still feeding on mom you should check its pallet as this normally indicates clef pallet (a hole in the roof of the mouth )and should really be seen by a vet to discuss its options
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He is eating too much and it is coming back out his nose.   I am trying to find out how to stop that from happening in a pup that is eating on its own.   I have only found pages stating that during bottle or tube feeding, it means you are feeding them too much...   How do I get a piggy puppy to not eat so much?
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I have a 4 week old Mastiff puppy that is half the size of the puppy even though we make  sure he gets time to feed by himself but now he has milk coming out of his nose and doesnt get up on its back legs has anyone else have these symptoms?

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