My dog is sick, she won't come out from under the bed, won't eat or drink water, and warm nose. What could it be?


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If you don't figure a way to get her out from under your bed your going to have a much bigger problem on your hands. A sick dog under a bed has only one possible conclusion. Pee, runny poop and or vomit in a very hard to clean place. The dog needs to go to a vet.

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You really need to take the dog to the vet. 

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How in the world would anyone on a public forum know what is wrong with YOUR dog .. When YOU don't even know.  You do like anyone else would do that has a sick dog .. You take it to a vet to find out what is so seriously wrong.

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Ancient Hippy
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If it were my dog, I would take it immediately to the vet. Is this person asking or a "home remedy"?
Bikergirl Anonymous
Even a 'home remedy' would need a diagnosis first. If someone doesn't know .. nor can they figure what to do about it .. that's when it's time to go to a vet.
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