What Causes A Dog To Foam Out Of The Mouth?


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Many people associate dogs that are foaming at the mouth with the disease Rabies. While foaming at the mouth is a symptom of Rabies, this is a disease which is actually fairly uncommon today, so if your dog is foaming at the mouth, there are a number of other, less extreme ways to explain this, so please do not be alarmed.

One reason why dogs have been reported to foam at the mouth is due to excitement or anxiety. For example, many owners of show dogs claim that their pets foam at the mouth before a show, when they are experiencing a lot of tension. This is due to an overly high rate of activity in the glands within the dog's mouth which produce saliva, and will clear when the dog's heart rate reduces and the dog becomes calmer.

Foaming at the mouth in dogs can also occur if the dog gets too hot. Dogs left in hot cars for a period of time, or who exercise heavily, can foam at the mouth as a way of cooling themselves down. You may have noticed that your dog pants, with its tongue hanging out of its mouth. This is the dog's way of cooling itself down, and the excess saliva which can be confused with foam is an aid in this procedure.

Dogs can also foam at the mouth because they have put something into their mouth which they shouldn't have. Some toads and snakes emit a gas or liquid as a defense mechanism when picked up by a predator such as a dog, and the dog will produce excess saliva as a way of clearing this unpleasant substance from its mouth, and of preventing it from entering the stomach. While the substance emitted by the toad or snake is usually harmless, you should contact your vet if your dog demonstrates any unusual symptoms or behavior within the following days.

Dogs with allergies can also foam at the mouth as part of an allergic reaction. For example, if a dog is allergic to mushrooms, and picks a mushroom up in its mouth, the dog's defenses will mistake the mushroom for something deadly, and react in a way to prevent the mushroom from entering the body. The foaming at the mouth is a symptom of this.
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If he's been very active, hopefully it's just frothy saliva. Is he losing mucus or pus out of any other places, like the nose or eyes?
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Did the dog happened to eat a frog? My dogs ate one and she foamed at the mouth and was very thirsty after that. If I did not know what she had done I would have freaked out. I know your probably thing rabies but its probably not watch for her mood swings. If her mood changes then you should worry. Call your vet or look it up online in online vets. They might help you too.
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I know of 2 things that will cause a dog to foaam at the mouth.the first and most serious is rabies and you know if this is the case you should be very careful especially if he is acting disoriented and is craving water. The second and probably the most common is that he has bitten a frog and in this case the foam will go away shortly. I own and love my dog very much and I would watch him very close. If you are bitten by him you only have a limited number of hours to get medical treatment or you could die. I am not sure of the number of hours but you should find out if this is the case
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Excessive drooling is often a sign of a taste reaction or nausea.  Taste reactions occur when they lick or eat something with a strong tastes that makes them drool.  Give your dog a small amount of milk, vanilla ice cream, or tuna juice to get this taste out of his mouth.  If this does not work your dog needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  There are many causes of nausea--some of which are serious--your veterinarian will run diagnostic tests and start appropriate treatment.
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Awesome answer Ann, is there a chance of rabies too, I wonder.
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Best answer ive ever seen
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Well this dog is an outside dog that never goes in the house and is acting very stange and he wasnt acting like this the last tim e we saw him
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Foam is not a good sign. Has your dog been loose outdoors. If so, he may have been exposed to a wild animal, even bitten, and this is one of the signs of rabbies. Call your vet or animal control, he may have to be quarantined if this is the case
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Let's think about this logically, your dog has white foam, if it has been bitten by a Squirrel or any other thing that looks abnormal, it could have rabies, I would get it to a Vet.
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My pekingese came in contact in the dark last night and when she came to us she was foaming at the mouth.  Possibly a skunk, some smell but nor real bad.  Could it have been something else?  We live on a farm
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My german shepherd is not eating slightly foaming at the mouth and has an eye infection would that all be related??
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He has had all his shots for rabies parvo and distemper he acting "normal" but his lips are tense and his tongue is white and foamy
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MY DOG HAS WHITE FOAM ON HER LIPS ....and I'm scared ..cause I just lost a dog a few years ago ..she was haveing a reaction .. I don't know what she got it from

but my dog is FREAKING ME OUT
she has (white) foam on her lips :( HELP ME PLEASE
Karissa . A
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That means the dog is rabid. And he probably has rabies. He could have gotten bit by another animal with rabies.

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