My Dog Throws Up A Yellow Bile Every Day. What Is It? And What Can I Do For Him?


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If your dog is throwing bile occasionally then no need to be worried but persistent bile vomiting is not good. It can be due to a condition called canine bloat that can be life threatening if not treated. If bloating continues for more than 24 hours then serious problems are expected. Bloat in dogs can be due to foods and eating habits like
  1. Rapid eating
  2. Over eating
  3. Nervousness
  4. Stress
  5. Dry foods
You should take your dog to vet for diagnosis and treatment.
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He has obviously eaten something that is making him ill, make sure he has plenty of water to drink, if he is not showing any other symptoms i.e. Shaking /convulsing then do not feed him for 24hrs and then just try him with scrambled egg & toast, if his condition worsens within the next 24hrs then take him to a vet
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My labradoodle vomits yellow bile if he hasn't eaten for 14 hours or so. He is a fussy eater and sometimes turns his nose up at his usual food and sometimes eats it OK so he is quite hard to feed regularly. I have found though that if he has at least a couple of bonio biscuits he doesnt vomit.
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My dog threw up yellow bile he didn't eat anything funny?
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Dogs do vomit easily, it is part of their natural behaviour. Doing it every day seems excessive though.
Does he need worming?
Is he moulting and therefore swallowing a lot of hair?
Has he swallowed something indigestible?
If in doubt it is best to consult a vet.
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I have an 8 year old yellow lab. He has been throwing up bile almost daily. He has also had bouts of constipation/or runny stools. He is mainly an indoor dog. He is over weight (aren't we all) but we try to walk him at least every day/every other day. We have recently moved from northern Michigan to Houston.
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My dogs do that if they eat their own feces or if they eat house food that doesn't agree with their stomach. I would suggest that you clean it up before they re eat it and crate your dog for a  hour or so until they calm down so they can't run around. My vet told me last time to give my dog a half of a tums chewable tablet and my puppy magically stopped puking. Or it could be parvo. Call a vet.
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My dog started throwing up yellow, foaming bile between 2-4 in the morning. I would hear him wake up making a belching noise before vomiting. I took him to the vets and I now have to feed him 3 times a day instead of 2. The last meal is more of a snack before going to bed. I also have to give him Peptide AC, 5 Peptide 2 times a day.

This will help him during the night. At that hour he has nothing in his stomach and acid builds up.
I hope this helps him or he will have to have diagnostic test.
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Do not give him too much fiberous food. The fiber is hard for them to swallow and digest. Also, don't give him people's food like your leftover. Sometimes other dogs can't take greasy food and that makes them sick and puke. So watch what he is eating - sometimes they eat grass when they are really hungry or thirsty - that also could be one of the reason.
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My dog starting doing this, it turned out to be kidney failure, please take it to the vet before it's to late.
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She may be pregnant or she may have eaten something that did not agree with her if it cures for a couple of days you need to take her to the vet?
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It also may be fleas,for dogs when infested may lose their appetite and vomiting ,also fever.

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