My Dog Keeps Bringing Up Yellow Bile, What Causes This?


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Vomiting yellow bile in dogs is common complain of owners. If this problem is occasional then it does not indicate any problem and can be related with foods and feeding habits. But persistent bile vomiting with other signs if illnesses like restlessness, loss of appetite, shaking etc can be due serious problems like bloat that occur when gases filled in the stomach after eating. Reasons of bile vomiting in dogs are
  1. Eating quickly
  2. Overeating
  3. Dry foods
  4. All food that cause gastric irritations
  5. Stress
  6. Nervousness
  7. Bloat
So, should take your dog to vet if he continues bile throwing for more than 24 hours otherwise off and on bile throwing is not a problem that needs vet visit.
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Thankyou for your answer, no she does not do it all the time,I think now it could be her food, which I have recently changed. So thankyou lynmitch
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My dog has been doing this for a few days I took her to the vet she had blood tests and a scan he gave her a injection ad some white stuff to put a lining on her stomack and now shes started again beig sick I'm taking her back to the vet
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My dog also a dacshund (standard) does this often. She sleeps under the duvet at night and seems to do it if she gets to hot.
She is nearly nine and it has got more frequent recently although she is otherwise fit and healthy although slightly overweight.
Hope yours is feeling okay!

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