My Dog Urine Looks Dark Brown?


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There are a number of possibilities for this ranging from dehydration to some kind of infection.

First make sure it is the dog's urine that is brown.
Have you seen the dog urinate brown liquid, or is it that he/she has left a brown stain somewhere? This is important because the dog could simply be suffering with diarrhea. If it's stomach is upset they will be leaving brown liquid stains on things. This can be caused by eating something bad, or too many treats, and will eventually pass.

If you have seen the dog actually urinate brown liquid.
If you know that it is urine because you have seen the dog urinate and it was brown, the situation could be more serious and you should take the dog to the vet as soon as possible. Brown urine can indicate a number of illnesses.

Bladder or urinary tract infection.
The bad news if this is the answer is that the dog could be suffering pain when it urinates. As a result, you will need to address the situation as soon as possible. The good news is that it is a bacterial problem and antibiotics are available that will cure it.

Bladder stones.
These are stones formed in the bladder when waste products crystallise. They are usually made up of calcium and form when urine stagnates in the bladder. This can cause blood in the urine which will turn the liquid brown.

Don't rule out dehydration.
You may know from your own observations that when you are dehydrated, your urine turns yellow. If you go a long time without water if will go brown. So is the dog getting enough water? This could be the simplest answer and the easiest to fix. Make sure the dog always has a ready supply of drinking water and also that he is making use of it.
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My dog had what looked like brown urine - ends up she had a terrible urinary tract infection and had blood and puss in her urine. I noticed she was licking her back end a lot, having to go outside more frequently, and that her urine had a strong smell to it. Get your dog to a vet so they can do a urinalysis and see what the problem is exactly - brown urine is not normal and shouldn't be overlooked. My dog had to get an antibiotic shot as well take antibiotic pills.
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It could be a UTI or liver disease, which is very very serious. Take your baby to the vet ASAP!!!!
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That means it is should take it to the will die..

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