Do You Have To Give A Cat A Bath?


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Some veterinarians say, "no," and others say, "yes." Cats have natural oils that keep them very well groomed. However, I have always bathed my cats several times a year. I brush them really well first, and use only a veterinarian-recommended shampoo. I towel dry them well, then brush them again. They get used to it... look like drowned rats, but I think it does feel good. Consider the great cats in the wild... all of them swim...
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My vets told me no, don't bathe them. I'm sorry I didn't, though, because as they got older, they really could've used a bath. Part of my problem was that my male was so deathly afraid of water, that when I'd take a bath, the female would be on the side of the tub playing in the bubbles and water, and the male, even though he desperately wanted to be in there by me, would not even cross the threshold of the bathroom. He always had a sad, frightened look on his face, and if I'd splash or move, he'd take off running!
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Yes, you do because my cat had a lot of hair together and when I washed it it was all good!!! So yes you do!!!

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