Where Do I Go To Put My Dog To Sleep? She Is 15 And Can No Longer Control Her Body Functions


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Pet euthanasia is never an easy decision to make but if your dog is suffering, it is the most humane thing you can do. I would imagine you have a vet if your dog is in such a poorly condition, they would be the best people to advise you as to what to do next, and the options that are open up for you to say goodbye to your pet. The most often used and humane way to alleviate your dog’s pain is through lethal injection. It may sound brutal but it is far from dramatic and eases the dog into a gentle sleep. The solution is called sodium pentobarbital, it is administered intravenously, which simply means directly into the vein. Your dog will then go into an unconscious state and at this point will feel no pain, the heart and the lungs will then slow down and eventually stop.

Another method is the T-61 injection, it contains embutramide, which is like a large dose of a narcotic drug and this is followed by the respiratory system being paralysed. This is not used by many pet owners as it causes pain through paralysis as it starts to close down the dog’s neuromuscular ability and collapses the circulatory system.

It is a good idea to start thinking about your dog’s final resting place, maybe you would like to cremate her or possibly a plot in a pet cemetery. If you have a nice land around your house maybe a lasting memorial would be to bury her under a sapling tree and you can watch her supply life to the tree.
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Normally you can take her to the veterinary to put her down. I have had to have 2 of my dogs put to sleep for health reasons. One was 17 and the other was near the same age. It seems a cruel thing to do but it is better than letting her suffer needlessly. Usually house dogs become so attached that they are just like a member of the family and this is a task hard to deal with.
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That sucks. I've been in your shoes.

You can take her to a veterinary hospital, and be with her as she goes.  Bring a good friend with you for support.

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