Why doesn't my kitten want to eat the cat food?


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If it has only just left mum it still needs kitten food, which is softer and easier to eat and digest.  Someone said milk. NO do not give your kitten milk. It is bad for it as it is lactose intolerant to cows milk and will get an upset stomach. Give ( all the time) unlimited fresh water  you do not say how old it is. This can make a difference to the advice you need.
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Have you given her human food? My dog does same thing after I give her some Chicken. She won't eat her regular food. I simply starve her for a day. So that she'll anything.. It also lets them know your not going to get Chicken everynight. I know you might be thinking "thats Cruel" but it really isn't. It lets them know who's boss and that you don't get to eat what you want all the time. Hopefully this helps.
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You can try giving your kitten wet kitten food that is flavoured like human food such as fish or turkey.Dry kibbles mixed with the wet canned food is also beneficial and a small saucer of warm milk with a small piece of bread should whet her appetite.
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Kittens and adult cats should not be given cows milk. It upsets their stomach as they are intolerant to it.
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Our cat lived to 11 years old & was given milk from when we first got her lol.
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Its possible that your kitten just doesn't like the food you give her. Just as you have your likes and dislikes, favorite foods and foods you hate- so will a kitten
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How old is it ?, if its a week or so , then give it some milk
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If your kitten is young, it needs to get used to the new enviroment. It will eat cat food, when it gets used to it.

*Tip: Tabs like dog food*
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You answered your own question,your giving a kitten cat food.
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Sapphire McAdams
Still the kitten should eat it and stop being smart im asking why not omg kitten is diiferent from cat
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A kitten is a cat although a kitten does not eat cat food,their body is unable to digest it when too young. In other words if you would have read your own question you would have seen you already answered your own question. In other words a newborn animal is not able to chew hard cat foods. Just like a baby does not come out chewing on a steak. Their body has to grow the ability,muscles,teeth to consume shall we say more roughage/fiberous foods. In other words just like a kitten has to grow .: )
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Just like sapphire mcadams has to learn to do some reverse thinking when asking a question. I am not making fun,well maybe a little,but only to show you that you can learn too question your own questions and others questions. In order to learn new things.

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