What Happens When A Dog Eats Moldy Food?


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Feeding a dog moldy food is very dangerous. It can also be illegal and could lead to a charge of cruelty to animals.

  • Problems

Like food eaten by humans, dog food has a use by date that has to be adhered to. When you purchase food you should note the date on it and plan to use it before that date. If for any reason you can't use it you should bin the food rather than leave it to lie around getting moldy.

  • Dateline

In most cases you will be able to use food a day or two after its use by date. This isn't advisable, but is unlikely to cause any real harm. Once food gets moldy it becomes an entirely different issue with no exception given.

  • Harm

Feeding a dog moldy food is exceptionally harmful. Food past its best, rots and deteriorates and is unpleasant to eat; negating the goodness that would be gained from eating it in normal conditions.

If a dog is denied food it will eat almost anything urgently without question. Combining the problems of hunger with food not fit for consumption can be very dangerous and lead to serious illness and sickness in an animal.

  • Conclusion

Under no circumstances should a dog or any animal be starved of food. Doing this makes the animal short tempered and dangerous. Anyone indulging in this sort of behavior is liable to be charged by the police for neglect.

Owning an animal comes with responsibilities, a dog needs to be fed and exercised, if there are any health issues or problems a vet should be consulted. Failure to carry out these basic requirements will lead the animal to distress and could also find the owner being charged with cruelty or neglect.
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My dog consumed moldy food and is paralyzed and poosibly dying - don't feed any moldy food, or allow them to get to compost!!!
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My white husky ate a lot of moldy bread that I had pitched in the trash. She vomited all night and the next day she vomited  but not as much as she did all night. She is not as active as she usually is. Will she be alright ? Just when I think she is getting over it she Vomits again. HELP

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