Why Does My Dog Swipe Her Paw Across Her Face/nose When I Stop Petting Her?


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You don't say her breed, but I have noticed the same thing in my Siberian Huskies - but only the females. It seems to mean that they would like more, but are less brash about asking for it than the males.
Maybe when we stroke their head and ears it reminds them of when their mother would lick them to clean them when they were pups, and the paw-swipe is very like what they do when they give themselves a wash of the face.
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My dog is acting strange and shaking , throwing up, really cold wet nose and looks every said, getting into things he normally would get into, could it be because my grand-daughter has been visiting for a week, she is two and he seems to play with her well but she has been getting attention and he still gets attention but hes not use to anyone else being here.

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