Why does my female dog keep biting me to put marks on my skin but also licks me at the same time when i pet her? Im confused what's she telling me?


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Hi Jonathan!  Here's a couple of articles from the dog whisperer you may find useful.



If she keeps it up despite your best efforts, you may wish to speak to a trainer.  They'll be able to observe her directly to get a better idea of what she's doing.  :)

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Susan Smither answered

The good news is that your fur baby is biting without breaking the skin which means she has learned that humans have sensitive skin. This leads me to believe that she is no longer a puppy. Puppies frequently nip and bite and many times don’t realize they are hurting the person they are nipping. Anytime your fur baby bites too hard give a loud yelp. This should help her understand she is hurting you and help curb the behavior. Licking is often a form of communication. She could be showing love and affection, telling you she needs attention or letting you know she is submissive to you by showing that she respects you as the leader of the pack. Here’s a link to a dog training system we found helpful! bit.ly/2JzlWSe

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