If Your Dog Wont Eat Or Drink Anything His Nose Is Dry And Wont Stop Shivering Is He Sick Or Dying?


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me me answered
Take it to the vet please! Please don't let your dog suffer!
He is definitely sick! He might have a fever or did he have chocolate or anything he is allergic to?
Please take your dog to the vet as soon as possible! ASAP!!!!!
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KR- myopinions answered
Definitely signs your pup needs to see a vet quickly. As the nose is dry your pup is probably lethargic (inactive) as well as not eating, drinking and shivering which is generally considered an emergency with so many indications there is something very wrong. Your vet will have a better idea of what may be wrong after they are able to examine your pup and speak to you about what has been going on and how things have occured. Hope your baby is feeling better very soon.

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