My Dog Has Been Chewing And Biting Around Her Paw Pads. Why?


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There are many reasons why dogs chew and bite their paws. They range from simple attention grabbing gimmicks to some potential health issue, parasitic infection, or allergic reaction. Some dogs indulge in this kind of behavior because they are smart enough to figure they can get the owners' attention by doing so. However, this is rare. Most of the time, chewing and licking the paw could be either because they have some kind of allergic reaction to some specific thing around them, specially the flooring they walk on. Another reason could be some injury to the region they chew and lick. A third possibility could be that they have a loose tooth, and just as we pull and push a tooth to pry it loose, they sometimes chew and lick their foot when they have bad teeth. There has have been recorded instances of such behavior and a similar diagnosis.

The most likely of these reasons is an allergic reaction or an infection. Whatever be the reason, instead of speculating about it, the best thing is to take your dog to a qualified vet as soon as possible for an examination, and let the vet ascertain the actual reason.
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Her nails could be too long. Often when a dog is chewing around the pads it is because there is some discomfort there. It might not be the nails, it could simply be the fur irritating the pad. Or your dog could have cracked pads. These will be really uncomfortable and sometimes painful so your dog may be trying to lick and chew away at the damage to get rid of it. This will only make it worse however as a secondary infection could develop.

Finally it could even be that your dog has stood in something that she likes the taste of. This will have to be checked out as if she licks any chemicals off her feet from outside or within the home, she could get seriously ill.

So overall the problem could be a number of things.It is better to get your vet to look over her and see what the problem is.It is always better to be safe than sorry!
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Thanks Aimee that has helped me a lot as my dog does this aswell and he has quite furry feet so that is probably the problem.

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