Can I Groom My Shih -tzu If She Is Pregnant?


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Yes, you can have her groomed if she is pregnant.  I had my Shih-Tzu groomed about a week or so before she had her puppies.  It's better to do it before the puppies are born b/c once they are, you really don't want to have the mother messed with for 6-8 weeks.  She won't want to be bothered once she's got babies all around her.  It will be safe if the babies are inside her, as long as you've got a nice, experienced groomer you trust--just make sure you tell the groomer that she is pregnant.  My baby girl (Winnie) had no trouble with it at all, and it really helped having her belly shaved/clear so the babies could get to her nipples easier to nurse/feed.  Hope this is helpful. :-)

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