My Westie Has Red Blood In Her Stool, Why?


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Bright red blood means the bleeding has occurred in the colon or large intestine--this is the end of the intestines.  Stomach ulcers or a higher intestinal bleed will result in dark blood in the stool because this blood has been digested.
Metronidazole is a great treatment for bloody diarrhea.  It usually takes 12-48 hours for effect.  I would not be concerned with a small amount of blood after one dose. 
If further blood is noted in the stool please contact your veterinarian.  Your veterinarian is the best person to go to for advice as they know your dog and her case.
Other at home remedies that can help with diarrhea is plain yogurt (a good probiotic) and canned pumpkin (fiber).  You can give 1-2 teaspoons added to food twice a day.

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Hi There Ann!

Thanks for your answer too for the above, yours is definitely better than mine and i knew that information from my experience and personal judgment. I am definitely not a Vet and so have also mentioned clearly at the end of my answer to visit a good vet.

Infact, i am more enlightened by extra added information to my little knowledge.

Thanks again n God Bless,

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Hi There!
From the details of the symptoms you have mentioned above it would be advisable to ask the vet to prescribe a medication to stop the blood. You also need to know the color of the blood as the brighter it is then its fresh blood oozing from a possible stomach ulcer rupture or darker color blood which is clotted blood through the stage of healing.
As for the medicines prescribed -:
a) Metronidazole -
b) Carafate -
They both are not medications for stopping the blood. Read more about them by visiting the links!
Visiting a Good Vet is definately advisable.
God Bless!

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