How Do Sharks Protect Themselves?


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There are several ways that a snake can defend itself: Some try to scare off danger with warnings:  Actual rattles or tail-vibrating in grass or  leaves  (bull snakes are a type that does this.  It can sound like a rattlesnake) and maybe make danger shy off.  Hissing, gaping and striking are also warnings. The inner lining of a Water Moccasin's mouth is white and is used as a warning sign. The hog nosed snake uses the ploy of 'apparently dead and rotting' to encourage would be snake-munchers to go away.    It rolls over on it's back, gaps it's mouth  open and emits a smell that is  decidedly unappetizing.  The hog nose does  take it's death scene a little too far, though.  If it is rolled over onto it's belly,  it often times, rolls back belly-up. There are those that use speed (i.e. Red racer)  who can move fast enough to reach shelter before whatever reaches them.  One tree snake jumps out of danger and  'flies' to the ground or to another tree,  Not surprisingly, it's Called a Flying Snake. Snakes that use venom use it when there is no other choice.  Danger has come  too close.  SInce each only has a limited supply of that venom, it is used as a last resort, be the snake the a Copperhead or a Spitting cobra. The only snake I have ever heard of that will chase someone is either the  Green or Black Mamba, I can't remember which.
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It depends on the snake... Some have defensive mechanisms like the rattle. They have fangs, venom, and speed to flee when necessary, and they can constrict.

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They swim fast and have big teeth and eyes far apart?
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The main enemy of Sharks are the Dolphin and the Killer Whale, and the bad boys RUN from them, and stay clear!! They both charge and hit them in the side with their heads killing them!
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In what situation,?the biggest threat to sharks are us,humans kill over 100,000 and more sharks a year,they need protection from us,they are beautiful mis-understood creatures that need our help.....I love them
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I think sharks tend to be sensationalized as some sort of evil killing machines. Sharks are predatory creatures and as such they kill and eat other animals in order to survive. I agree with you that they are beautiful and deserve our respect and protection.
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I know that this sounds funny but any type of shark is scared of dophins. And I can prove that. I was tubing with my friend and we flew of and then we started swimming around and we saw a shark, well a dolphin came out of no where and then the shark swam so far away!!

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Other than man that is, and in that case. One Word ..."JAWS" :-)
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Sharks have no natural predators. To protect themselves from man they do the only thing they know how to do... Bite!
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Sharks don't bite humans to protect themselves, they bite us because they are curious to what we are, they have no idea of what we are. Also, when sharks go to attack at the surface of the water, they think we are seals because we move a lot like them, they don't know any different.
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They really don't need protection from anything, but sharks do have some lines of defence, they have skin that feel like the roughest sand paper you'll ever feel, and they have their speed in the case of some spiecese to escape

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