How Do I Defend Myself Against A Shark Attack?


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If you should find yourself in the vicinity of a shark and you are in the water, try to strike the shark, you can use anything to hand, but aim for the eyes and the gills which are the most sensitive areas on a shark's body. Don't strike the nose, it's a big rubbery lump and does not help your defence any. The aim is to make the shark unsure about whether to continue to attack, sharks don't go in for conflict, they prefer attacking the defenceless, so make the shark think twice.

Avoiding an atttack involves following some simple rules:

Sharks attack single stragglers most often (not always)
Don't go into the water after dark when sharks have the advantage on you
Don't go into the water if you bleeding, even a little bit.
Take off any brightly covered clothing if you are in the water, contrasting colours are most evident to sharks, who are practically blind.
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You can poke its eyes but you should not yell or splash it attacks sharks

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