Where Do Sharks Live?


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There are no specific maps that show where sharks live but they can be found in every ocean in the world. Sharks live off salt water although like most things in life there are exceptions and there are some areas of fresh water where you can find sharks.

The most common areas to find sharks in the USA are along the California and Alaska coasts. They can also be found along the Gulf coast, throughout most of South Africa and South America, around Australia and New Zealand and also in parts of the Mediterranean and off the coasts of Scandinavia, Japan and the coastline between China and Russia.

Sharks like to roam, they live off other fish and animals and can travel hundreds of miles depending on circumstances. With around 150 different types of shark it is difficult to generalize their habitats or behavior but there are certain rules about where you are likely to find them.In general sharks tend to live close to the surface of the water and tend to favor warmer water and climates. The larger a shark is the more likely it is to be found miles from the shore, smaller sharks tend to live closer to the shores.

Like most animals and fish the habitat of a shark is always changing and evolving but the same basic rules are always likely to apply. Their strength allows them to swim great distances, they tend to travel in packs and can be found almost anywhere although the oceans are preferred. Baby sharks are left to their own devices the moment that they are born and quickly fend for themselves and will follow the food trail wherever that may take them.
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There are more than 150 different kinds of sharks. All of these live in salt
water, except for one species. In Central America there is a lake calledLake Nicaragua, and there is a fresh water shark that lives there.

Actually, sharks do not live in any one "spot", because they wander hundreds of miles looking for prey. Most big sharks are generally found living near the surface in the open sea. But there are some that live deep down at the ocean bottom. Smaller sharks usually live near the shore, and they are found in most warm and temperate seas around the world.

Most people think of sharks as very dangerous creatures. The truth is that some sharks are quite dangerous to man, and others ate harmless. For example, the sharks that often follow ships are harmless scavengers, hoping to pick up food from the ships. Even small fish are not afraid of these sharks.

This is also true of some very big sharks, that is, unless they are attacked. One of these is the whale shark. This shark is found near the Cape of Good Hope and in the Mediterranean, Pacific, and Caribbean right up to Florida. It may be over 11 metres long and weigh more than 13 tonnes.

The other "safe" big shark is the basking shark. It is the biggest fish of the North Atlantic, and is over 13 metres long. It likes to bask in the sun with its back partly out of the water.
But the most dreaded of all fish is the great white shark, which is sometimes 12 metres long. It definitely attacks human beings.
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There are actually 440 species of sharks in the world. They of course live in different waters of the world. All sharks live in salt water except for a few sharks including the bull shark and river shark who can live in both fresh water and seawater. Did you know that sharks can be found up to 2,000 metres below the sea. A type of shark, the Portuguese dogfish was recorded to have been 3,700 metres below the sea!
Most of them live in the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. good luck with your project!
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Most sharks live in salt water but there is one shark that lives in fresh it's called a Bull Shark. You may think that fresh water is safe but you better check again!
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Sharks lives everywhere/anywhere in the world there's no spot place on where do sharks really live,there's so many types of sharks,some lives in lake,river,ocean,fresh water,salt water even in cold water and in tropical,they have their own habitats where they live comfortably,and also because they're hunting for their prey/food to eat, they are traveling and thats why theres no exactly/spot place on where do sharks live...jane_oliver.....
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Sharks live all over,you have cold water,and tropical sharks,most sharks are harmless,like the leopards,cat,bamboo,but tigers,bulls,and whites,have been known to attack humans,but after all we are in there home when we go in the waterman kills way more sharks a year than sharks kill humans,and bulls can swim in fresh water rivers,also known as the zambizi in Africa,because they are often found swimming in the zambizi river
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Sharks are found in all seas. They generally do not live in freshwater, with a few exceptions such as the bull shark and the river shark which can swim both in seawater and freshwater. Sharks are common down to depths of 2,000 metres (7,000 ft), and some live even deeper, but they are almost entirely absent below 3,000 metres (10,000 ft). The deepest confirmed report of a shark is a Portuguese dogfish at 3,700 metres (12,100 ft).
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Australia, S. Africa, California, New Zealand, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas
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Anywhere that the water temperature is between 54 and 75 degree farenheit.

Australia, S. Africa, California, New Zealand, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas.
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Well to be honest with you I think that sharks live where ever they can because of all the types of sharks there are in the world there really isn't one spot that a shark calls it's own so all over the world.
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Sharks live in every ocean in the world, however studies published have shown that up to 70% of oceans are free of sharks.
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Sharks do live everywhere, most of them are in the pacific ocean and others. Sharks basically live everywhere
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The great white sharks live in southern coast of australia, california and south africa
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The Bull Shark (one of the most dangerous kinds) has been found in the Amazon river. So, some sharks can live in fresh water.
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Don't want to burst your bubble buddy. But they don't live on land, none the lest countries. They are aqua-marine mammals. Sorry. But that's how it is...
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Sharks are found in all oceans of the world like from Arctic ocean to Antarctic oceans. However, some critical reports suggest that 70% oceans of the world do not have sharks. In fact the chances are that all of the oceans can have sharks. There are some rivers and lakes where sharks are also found. It is interesting to note that there are almost 368 species of sharks and they are distributed in all oceans of the world. In the waters of British Columbia 12 species of sharks are found. Similarly, white sharks are found in US west coast, Mako shark are found in US- Mexico border to Washington and Blue Shark live in west coast of Mexico to Canada.
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Hammerhead sharks live in the ocean.
They swim in warm waters near the coastline, they are found in tropical and sub-tropical waters.
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They live in oceans around the world.They are mainly found in tropical and sub-tropical oceans and that to hot ones.
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I caught a 5 foot 90 lb Hammerhead shark on an 18 lb test line on beach of Hatteras, NC many years ago. Not what I was fishing for, but a very interesting catch. Search the net for the best places, like I said this was 20 years ago, and was likely a fluke, but it really did happen.

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