How Do Camels Protect Themselves From Sand Storms?


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Camels are well built to protect themselves from sand storms. They have very wide, flat feet that expand as they put weight on them. This wide, flat foot protects them from slipping on the sand as they walk or run. Camels also have the ability to tightly close their nostrils and this would prevent them from inhaling sand during a sand storm or during blowing sand. In addition, camels also have two or three layers of very thick eye lashes to help keep the sand from getting into their eyes. They also have very thick, coarse hair that outlines the inner parts of their ears so that sand is not able to get inside their ears. Camels also have very strong lips that they can press together to avoid getting sand in their mouth. So, camels are well equipped to handle a sand storm. There is not way blowing sand can get inside their noses, their eyes, their ears or their mouths.
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