How Do Cheetahs Protect Themselves?


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Cheetahs don't have many predators, so not too many things will be chasing them. Lions might sometimes eat younger, smaller cheetahs. When this happens, the cheetah's defense is to RUN!!! Cheetahs can run up to about 70mph in only a few seconds. But they can't run like that for very long before they get overheated.
The color of a cheetahs fur helps them blend in with the tall grass of the grasslands.
(The cheetah doesn't use his claws for protection...those are for helping them eat meat.)
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Either they attack with heir sharp claws and teeth, or they run, and they can run fast!
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Cheetahs can protect them selve cause they can run super fast they have sharp claws and stuff like that.
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Well, you are right about the speed, but cheetahs do not have sharp claws. They have semi-retractable claws, like a dog, and they go out, but not fully back in. So their claws are not very sharp.

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