How Do Bobcats Protect Themselves?


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Bobcats have numerous qualities that allow them to protect themselves, although the only real predators they have in the wild are humans.

How do bobcats protect themselves?

Bobcats' three most useful attributes are their:

  • Teeth and claws: Bobcats have large teeth and these, together with the strength of their jaws, can pack a very painful bite. Their retractable claws are as sharp as razors!
  • Speed: Bobcats' most-used, and most-effective defensive and indeed offensive measure is their speed. They can accelerate to top speed in a very short period of time, and their overall stamina and top speed is very quick as well.
  • Camouflage: The bobcat's leopard-like markings provide the animal with great camouflage. The shape of the stripes and spots breaks up the visible silhouette of the bobcat, whilst the color of their fur allows them to blend almost seamlessly into their background environment.
The bobcat is a big-cat that lives in northern America - usually their habit stretches from Southern Canada to the North of Mexico.

The animal resembles, and is indeed closely-related to, the lynx, but is smaller in size.
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Bobcats are armed with sharp retractable claws and fangs, and can fight fiercely if cornered or harassed by another animal (or a human).

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