How Do Reptiles Protect Themselves?


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The reptiles protect themselves by different means and ways. If you want to know how they protect themselves from the harsh cold weather, the answer is by hibernating.As they are cold blooded animals, which suffer the change in their body temperature according to the change in the outside temperature, so many of the reptiles, like frog dig deep in the earth to attain life-friendly temperature.
Moreover, their thick and dry skin protects them from their enemies. Especially the scales covering their bodies make them hard to be digested by the predators.
Lizards shed their tails to prevent predator's attacks. Snakes possess venom to protect themselves. Some of the reptiles produce foul smell to keep the predators away. Chameleon changes its color to protect itself.
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Usual methods are secreting powerful,bitter and odorous fluids or flaring gills
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With there amazing colors and abilities.
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If a predator attacks them from the tail they will shed there tail and escape

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