What To Look For When Female Dog Is Pregnant Before Delivery?


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My female dog temp dropped by 2 degrees ,she then layed down for a a long time an started to shake like she was shivering all over (active labor) they will dig a hole/soft place some place to birth her pups. I laid down with mine and wrapped my arms around her to keep her comfy. Stay with her till she's done to make sure none get stuck inside it could take a couple of hours. Go to any doggie site online. Read up real quick
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The two most common signs of delivery are the drop of temperature and nesting behavior. The normal temperature for dogs is 101-102 Fahrenheit. If it drops to 99-100 F with two readings taken at 12 hrs gap, the female dog is most likely to deliver her kids in the next 24hrs. Other than that is the restlessness the female dog shows before pregnancy. She will instinctually prepare a place where she intends to give birth to her babies by cleaning the place and putting newspapers or cloth at it.

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