How Many Times Does A Female Dog Gets Her Period?


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Yes it is somewhat the same in the fact that they bleed but it only occurs about 2x/year and it last for about 21 days. And when a dog goes into heat it is the time that they can get pregnant where with humans it is not usually the prime time for pregnancy.
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Yes they do as if you are not up to par with your female pet it can be messy and you must clean up if not aware, they can not tell us it is happening...the best to you....
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Every 6 months the come into heat, They are in heat for 3 weeks(21days)  1st week is coming into heat, youll notice she's not to interested in it yet, Youll notice some bleeding at this time, 2nd week they are in heat, this is when they will accept any, and all males. The 3rd week they are going out, they will still take it from a male but the last 3-4 days usually are pretty safe and you can start getting into you normal routine at home.  Some dogs will have a false pregnancy so you may want to watch for that.  They come into heat around 6months to a year old.
  I hope this answered you question.

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