How To Test If A Puppy Is Blind Before Going To The Vet? What Signs To Look For?


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Well, as funny as it may sound look for symptoms such as, the dog running into walls, or tripping over random objects and even some puppies/dogs have a bright color or "glaze" like light blue to their eyes. I would hold the dog still and swing something from side to side in front of it to see if it would follow it.
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Hi my puppy is a 13 weeks old english bull terrier when I got her 3 weeks ago she had a small scratch from the other pup just below her eye lid and weeped a little when she went for her jabs the vet said to keep an eye on her eye but he forgot to check her on her second jab now her eye is blue were as the other is nornal and her ear on the concerned side isn't starting to prick up like the other side could she be blind in one eye

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