Is There A Way To Tell If My Female Boxer Is Pregnant Before Her Stomach Starts To Grow And/or She Starts To Gain Weight Other Than Taking Her To A Vet For X-rays? Curious


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Early signs of pregnancy include decreased appetite, which is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Not all females go through morning sickness, but most will, and they will then eat less during the first few weeks of pregnancy making up for it by eating more later in the pregnancy. A sudden decrease in pregnancy is also an indicator that your dog could be pregnant. As the hormone levels fluctuate, the dog will start feeling exhausted.
Nipple growth is a good indicator as well, since the nipples of an unbred female are small and the area immediately under them is flat. Once the dog gets pregnant, the breast material will develop under the nipples, which will also increase slightly in preparation for eventual milk production. Behavioral changes may also be noticed.
As the pregnancy progresses, you will notice that the dog will show an increase in appetite, around the three/four week mark. After this she will start gaining weight.

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