Why Do Female Dogs Shed Their Hair When Pregnant?


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If you think your dog is shedding a lot of hair during pregnancy, wait until you see what happens afterwards!

Female dogs are well known for shedding a considerable amount of their hair whilst they're 'carrying', and this increases once they've given birth.

Why is my pregnant dog shedding so much hair? Typically females will shed at the end of every 'heat cycle'.

In the case of pregnant dogs, people believe that pregnancy hormones tend to play a big factor in why there is excessive shedding.
The shedding reaches a peak right after whelping a litter of puppies.

Does a dog shed fur when pregnant?
Pregnancy certainly seems to be a factor in excess fur shedding, but temperature is another factor to consider.

Pregnancy can be hard work for a dog, so keeping her cool and hydrated will usually mean less fur-loss.

Finally, the time of year obviously plays a part. You'd expect a dog's coat to change throughout the year anyway- and carrying around a litter during the summer months can be a lot of hard work for your dog!

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