What Is A Good Name For A Female Black Lab?


8 Answers

Julie Baxter Profile
Julie Baxter answered
I have always wanted to name a female black dog, Shiva.
moodie madd Profile
moodie madd answered
My friend has a black lab named Star. I also like Cassie, Sammie, or ;ike Inaura said Jazz!
I like the name maddie!
Allen Haugsted Profile
Allen Haugsted answered
I also like Sam, or Sammie.  Star is one I had not thought of, so thank you.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I will be getting a dog too... Most likely a black lab... I think good names are Rose, Scamp or Sammy! ( I like Scamp!)
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I used to have a female black lab named Anni but a good name would probably be Hoku, which in hawain means "star"
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Anonymous answered
I had a yellow lab I called it honney.maybe it could be called shadow,lightning,thunder bolt,miranda,rossetta or chewy.
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