Which is more protective a male or female pitbull?


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cnu ganesh answered
Males are more than females
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Rachael Lampa answered
Males are most protective because they want to protect their owners or maybe other animals from danger.
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KR- myopinions answered
It works out about the same a lot of the time, territory and pack can/do overlap. Contrary to popular myth and misinformation a well bred APBT/Am. Staff aren't really suited for actual protection/guard dogs.
A more poorly bred and/or handled dog may be more aggressive but that makes them a liability and unpredictable in situations you wouldn't want to happen, such as with friends and family members and people and animals in the neighborhood.
On the flip side, even a well bred and utterly non aggressive dog can be a deterent just by their existance and on sight. For these guys, just their breed tends to deter people whether the attack is likely to be sloppy kisses or teeth. Most bigger dogs are also a pretty effective deterent. People tend to approach bigger dogs with more caution and especially those with a reputation for being aggressive. 
People will still often walk to the other side of the street if you are walking a golden retriever or a lab, with something like a pit they may just wait until you pass even if your dog is well bred and more likely to want affection than go after them.
If you truly were wanting a dog that would be a good candidate for more involved actual protection and guard dog training and not just a good family pet (two different things) that offers a little more peace of mind and a bit more security with some basic training you might consider a different breed.
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