What Is A Good/cute Name For A Female Teddy Bear Hamster?


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You should name the Tiger and Lily. =)
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You should chose simple names that they can respond to and remember like ruffle and tumble or other name like that

Hint of advice Don't use complex names due to the fact that one a hamster remember their own names they may come when called
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Cuddles or peanut hamsters like peanuts.
Mine are called brookie, snowy, pancake and eddie I also have 4 dwarfs named digger, sandy, muffin and peanut.
I had 4 other hamsters they died though their names where midnight, snuggles, Humphrey and angle.
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You could find a name, color, item or anything you like and then go to synonyms. You could also name after actions or coloring. I was on my way to get a hamster and was running over names and landed on Giggles after a toddlers game, so I started looking at synonyms- Laughter, Snicker. I chose Snicker or Snickerdoodle. Snicki for short.

P.S. There its not a copyright on that name.
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I have had a girl Teddy Bear Hamster and I fell in love with the name "Cupcake". I think its a nice name for a really sweet Hamster. Any type of hamster will do good for this name.

  *Good Name*
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How about Roxy or Chestnut, Mimi, ginger, Ella, Cocoa! These are some of the names that I picked out for my teddy bear girl hamster!!!
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Depends what colour it is here are a few for example ::

Treacle , Snowy , Cheddar , Nibbles , Grace , Gemma , Emma , Crunchy , Tibbles !!

There Are A Few Names Hope I Have Helped In Answering Your Question !!    Sarah xx
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Name them after sweet foods like oreo or cupcake those are always cute names
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My male hamster is called dusty because he has mottled bits of brown on his bum. You can easily find names for hamsters by the way they look, behave or even do! Eg, an albino could be called ruby for its eyes.
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