My Cat Keeps Scratching Her Neck And Making An Open Wound. She Is A Rescue Cat. What Can I Do? 


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If your cat keeps scratching her neck, this is most probably a sign of ear mites or something else that is causing irritation to your cat's ear.

Usually when a cat scratches their ear frequently they tend to rub their neck - which can create an open wound.

The best solution would be to take your pet to your local veterinary practice.

The vet can undertake a much more detailed and thorough examination of the area and, usually, will give your pet an injection or medication that will eradicate the mites.

How and what can I apply to open wounds on my cat or kitten?
  • For now, you should wash the cat's open wound twice daily - depending on how often your cat leaves the house. This should keep the wound clean, and reduce the chances of infection.
  • Check the inside of your cat's ear. If there is dark debris present, then it's probably mites that are causing your feline friend's irritation.
  • Check the wound for infections regularly, and take you pet to the vet, who will be able to give your pet the necessary treatment.
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Are her ears ok? My cat caused similar damage to his neck and the cause was waxy ears causing irritation - but he scratched at his neck whilst scratching his ear!

My cat scratches her neck open - what can I do?
  • Bathing the neck wound with salt water, followed by aloe vera gel from the vet worked wonders! He also causes the same damage when stressed, and the bathing and gel works then too.
Good luck. Hope she's better soon.

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