Can You Give A Dog A Teaspoon Of Pepto-bismol For An Upset Stomach?


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Yes it is safe for dogs to take pepto for upset stomach. You should give it depending on the weight of your dog. The dosage is 1ml/cc per 5lbs of body weight. I have given mine pepto and it has worked fine. It was suggested to me by a vet that is not just a vet for the money. he cares about animals and how much someone can afford.
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I wouldn't use that.  I had the same problem with our 2 yr beagle mix.  I ended up giving him a ginger snap cookie (on the vets advice).  Ginger has a settling effect on the stomach and it actually worked.   I keep a small bag around now just in case.
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You should check with your local veterinarian to find out the dosage and if it is o.k. To give that type of medication to dogs. Usually a veterinarian will answer a quick question like this over the phone at no charge.
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I gave my dog some and it helped her to overcome a severe upset stomach. I also give her children's bendryl for allergies. Just keep it in moderation!
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Yes. You really shouldn't have to resort to anything like that, if you do then it means your dog probably needs medication. Pepto and other medications can be dangerous to us, so it would be really easy to hurt or kill your dog that way. You should call your vet because no one here could know an appropriate dosage or if based on your dogs history and symptoms it was likely to kill your dog or come close.   Basic rules. Diarrhea for more than 3 days or if it is excessive and your dog is likely to dehydrate and you need to see your vet because there is likely an underlying cause that needs treatment. If during those three days there are any other symptoms like change in eating, drinking , behavior, vomiting, fever, ANYTHING, you need to see your vet sooner. If there is anything in the stools like blood, they are black, greenish, yellowish, slimy, gel, or anything resembling parasites you need to see your vet sooner than the three days.   If it is just plain old diarrhea and not excessive with no other symptoms you can add some canned pumpkin (not pie filling, pumpkin), and share a small amount of plain yogurt in case they may benefit from some good bacteria in the intestinal tract for those three days. Do not wait longer than three days or if there are any other symptoms.  If you have a puppy that has diarrhea it is likely to be a parasite or even something deadly like parvo that needs treatment from a veterinarian quickly. Always better off safe than sorry. If in doubt, call your vet, a phone call is free.
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Its a good bet. Tums also works. That stuff is ok to use on Lil older dogs, wouldn't use on a pup.
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What should I give my dog for upset stomach.  She is throwing up bile and some frothy.
No food.  She is 13yrs and 10lbs.

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Dogs don't usually mourn the loss of their owners by throwing up. What did the vet say? It sounds like your dog may have swallowed a largish object which won't come out either up or downwards - did the vet offer to do an x-ray? I wouldn't start giving your dog human medicine when you still don't know what's wrong with him - you could make it worse. Take him back to the vet, or a different vet and get a proper diagnosis before your poor dog dies of dehydration.
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Not unless you've discussed it with your vet and your vet tells you what to give your dog and what dose to give your dog. Never give your dog any kind of human medication, unless your vet tells you that it's ok. You may do more harm than good and end up killing your dog.
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Pepto but if there is vomiting NO food, small amount of water and when the water stays down w/o vomiting then offer small amounts of bland food such as rice (plain rice no flavoring) and then slowly work back into the usual dog food that he is normally getting! Good luck! Also, no treats on an upset tummy! Carrie
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All medicines including pepto Bismol should be used under the direction of vet. If your dog is having stomach upset due to infection then Pepto Bismol can help to some extent because Pepto bismol contains salicylate and is is used to treat diarrhea and minor stomach problems. Its dose in dogs is 1-3 ml per Kg body weight in two divided doses in a day. But drug should be used under the supervision of the vet.
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You can't give the dog upset stomach medicine dogs are different that humans. Dogs will eat grass when they have a upset stomach.
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Yes, children's chewable Pepto-Bismol. Depending on the size of your dog, use either a half or a whole tablet.
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I gave my dog pepto, but ppl at work said it was a bad thing. Are they right or is my dog fine
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You can use junior medicines on dogs. In uk we have something called caolin & morphine for upset stomachs and I always use the childrens one on my dog

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