Can You Give A Dog Benadryl For A Bee Sting?


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Bee stings can cause serious anaphylactic reaction.  If your dog is having trouble breathing,
vomiting, or becomes very lethargic take him to a veterinarian
immediately--this could be life threatening. 
Ideally this dog should see a veterinarian because injectable treatment
will work faster and is more effective.

At home you can try giving Benadryl at a dose of 1 milligram
per pound of body weight given by mouth three times a day for 2 days.  Do NOT give Cold and Sinus variety--only
plain Benadryl is safe.
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I have a lab that has skin allergies and when it gets bad for her, the vet told me I could give her 3-25mg. Of Benadryl tablets, twice a day and if necessary up to 4 tablets, but I've never given her 4. Medicine is given by weight and she weighs about 80 lbs. Check with your vet if your dog's weight is different.
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You would need to speak with a vet first to see if this is safe. And then they could give you the right dosage for it or recommend the benadryl stick instead. Hope that dog is ok.
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Hi there, when I took my dog to the vet for a bee sting on her paw - the vet mentioned after giving her an injection and charging me a fortune that bathing it with vinegar would had been ok and I should do it if she ever got stung again - which she has on many occasions and vinegar seems to do the trick - hope this helps xx
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My pooch has just had an allergic reaction to a bee sting :( it cost be £70 at the vets but I would pay more if it means she is okay! The vet advised if she got stung again she would have the same reaction and told me to buy benadryl liquid and always keep antihistamines in the house! Treat them the same as you would a small child :)
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No ! Mix baking soda and water and it will pull out the stinger!

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My vet has always directed me to use Benadryl for my dogs. The vet gives them Diphenhydramine in the office. As long as you give it according to their directions, you should be fine. I'd like to see you find the stinger, let alone rub the painful area on a dog.
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That answer was given by my daughter, she thought a human use would be the same for the dog, Sorry, but she Was trying wasn't she?
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Yes it is safe to give dose of Benadryl medicine to your dog for bee stings or other similar things like snake or insect bites but do verify the correct dosage from your vet.
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I think anything safe for a baby or a small child is safe for a dog in that way. My Border Terrier is 15 lbs so we give him infant dosage of benadryl and he does good.
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I don't see what it will hurt to give them benadryl for a bee sting I would give it to my dog
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I had a lab 5 years ago that was stung by a bee and her face swelled up like a balloon.  I took her to the vet and they told me to get Children's Benadryl (the chewable kind that also dissolves quickly).  I gave her 1 pill right then, and another the next morning.  Her swelling was completely gone within 24 hours.

I also had this problem with my current lab.  Her face didn't swell as much, but I gave her a dose of Benadryl and her swelling was gone within 4 hours.

You might have to hide the Benadryl in a treat or something.  My dog is really smart and refused to eat the pill.  Even when I tried to give her the pill then a treat.  She spit the pill out and ate the treat.  

Good luck
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Benadryl is safe and those who say it isn't probably don't see a vet. I give my lab 3 - 25mg benadryl am & pm for her itchy belly and paws and it works. But I ask your vet how much before you give and how often. I usually only do it if the symptoms return, because like anything else, they get use to it and it won't work.  I am sure your answer has been answered, but benadryl is fine to use on dogs or even 1 zyrtec every day will also help with allergies or any other problem.
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Live in Hills so vet suggested:The general concept for dosage is as mentioned 1 mg/lb.. Have Manchester weights 10 lbs. He gets 12.5  or 1/2 of a caplet. For bee stings etc. Had no liquid on hand. No problem.

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Yes and can but I don't recommend it. I would take her or he to the vet so she can give it  some meds.
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Dog just got stung, called the vet immediately and they said give her 1 25mg benadryl tonight and one tomorrow morning.  Beagle weighing in at 25.4 pounds.
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I was told that it is safe to give benadryl. Its is 1mg per pound. So if you lab weighs say 77 lbs you give 3 25mg tablets once every 12 hours.
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NNNNNNOOOOOOO it will make them sooooooo sick just put ice on it and if the stinger is still in don't rub it . It will be pushed out when it's ready.
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NO! Benadryl is definately not an option for a dog. Do not give a dog any human medications. They swelling should go down soon. If they stinger of the bee is still located in you dog carefully take it out. If you want to be positive she is OK take her to the vet. Otherwise to help the swelling and pain without medication, use ice packs, or ice in a bag, and wrap firmly on the dog's injury or swelling.

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