My Dog Has Small Bald Spots On His Tail/rear End,Any Ideas?


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hjk ghj answered
First of all was that there already? Cause it could be a disease or it could be that cause your dogs getting older and he's growing just like when you get into teen age you start getting spots on your face..
Hope this helps...
Take him to the vet if he doesn't feel well...
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audrey garcia answered
Mine did too, and he scratched at himself. My daughter's pit bull had the same so we tried sunflower oil, we put 1 tablespoon once a day in his food. Not only did he stop scratching, his hair grew back and was softer and shinier. I've since given my daughter some for her dog and now her dog is doing much better also. And the amazing thing is you start noticing the difference in a matter of days so we continue with the regiment. Some use omega 3 pills once a day. It helps but gave our dog the runs.

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