Can You Give A Dog Hairball Medicine For Cats?


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Can you give dogs hairball medicine that is meant for cats?

Yes, hairball medications that are designed to be used for cats have been known to work on dogs as well.

However, you should check with your vet before you administer the medication to find out the proper dosage for your dog - as this will be different from the dosage specified for cats.

How to prevent dogs getting hairballs
Dogs can also experience hairballs as well as cats, though this is less common.

If your dog has had hairballs, there are numerous measures that can be taken to reduce the chances of him or her getting hairballs again, such as:

  • Grooming: Regular grooming of the dog is the easiest and most effective way of reducing the likelihood of hairballs.
  • Diet: What your dog eats will have a great effect on how much hair they shed and therefore the amount of hairballs they may get.
  • Medication: Although there is no dog-specific hairball medication, as stated earlier, cat hairball medication is fine to use on dogs.
I would still advise you to check with you vet before you administer this medication to your dog.
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Your dog may be suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection. Keep it warm and take it to the vet soon. Check its temperature daily.

If you are sure that your dog has a hairball, and it is showing some signs of vomiting or nausea, then make it vomit somehow. Add petroleum jelly to its diet so that the hairball comes out easily with its vomit.

But do not try anything until you get it confirmed that that is the type of disease it is suffering from.

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