My Dog Constantly Groans I Don't Know If It Is Pain Depression Or Bored He Has Never Done It Before He Is Getting Old. Can An Owners Depression Effect The Pet?


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Constant groaning is never a good sign, and old age may bring creaking joints and difficulty in getting from A to B. Just as old humans complain about little things in their retirement, in advanced dog years the dog may be psychologically disappointed that he can no longer run as fast or eat as much and has to rest for longer than before. Take him to a veterinarian if you are concerned it is caused by a deeper pain, and look for other symptoms. As for owners' depression, dogs are sensitive to those who own them so it may well be that he is reacting to the human's own facial expressions and thinks he has done something wrong. It is advisable, if concerned about your own depression, to seek some counselling for it and wait for a few weeks to see what steps your dog takes to adapt to your own condition. In any case, see a vet if the groaning does not improve over a prolonged period of time, and perhaps consider putting the pet down if it is getting too old, at the advice of the vet. Prolonging the dog's misery, looking into its eyes, may be unfair on the pet.
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My 14 year old poodle makes moan/groan type noises sometimes, generally just as he's falling asleep. After a thorough examination at the vet, he was given a clean bill of health. Our vet told us that commonly elderly dogs do this, and that he's fine. A check up is always a good idea whenever there's unexplained changes in your pet's behavior.
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I agree with a vet visit. I want to add, dogs are quite sensitive to their owners' mental state. I have seen cases of people worrying their dog sick. If you are fighting depression, it will affect your dog.
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It sounds like your dog is getting older and older dogs just like humans get arthritis. You might want to get some antiinflamitory meds from your vet to help with this.
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Ask your vet about Megaesophogus. My dog was diagnosed with this after she started repeatedly
throwing up a white foam and had trouble keeping food down. She had been groaning for several weeks.  My vet told me one of the symptoms of megaesophagus was groaning.

Megaesophagus is a condition where there is decreased or absent motility (movement, muscular contractions) of the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that carries food and water from the throat to the stomach
. With megaesophagus, passing food all the way to the stomach becomes difficult, and the food may be regurgitated back up into the throat. This reduced motility usually results in dilation of the esophagus

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